Voice of Addiction / The SkudFux / The Brieface - TurboHaus

Turbo Haus, 2040 rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC

official facebook event: www.facebook.com/events/231408271057236

Fireworks Collective and Turbo HaĆ¼s presents:

The return of Voice of Addiction in Montreal. Politically charged punk rock from Chicago est. 2004 who also just released a documentary about being a punk band on the road called Punk Band. With our own also kick-ass local bands The SkudFux and the The Brie Face. Another band TBA.

--Voice of Addiction (Chicago / Punk Rock) https://voiceofaddiction.bandcamp.com --Skudfux (Montreal / Punk) https://theskudfux.bandcamp.com --The Brie Face (Montreal / Punk) https://thebrieface.bandcamp.com/ --TBA

Doors 8pm / Show 9pm 10$ TurboHaus 2040 rue Saint-Denis, Montreal