Trick or Treat with Something Involving A Monkey!

Iggys Bar, 13405 Madison Ave, Lakewood OH

facebook event:

SOMETHING INVOLVING A MONKEY celebrates their Halloween themed album "Trick or Treat", once again because.......why the hell not!! Halloween comes once a year and we didn't get enough of it last year so we're doing it again.....this time at Iggy's!! Our friends from Chicago, GENTLE GENE will be performing with us on this show. You may know some of the players of Gentle Gene from the band, Ideamen, whom we’ve shared the stage with many a time.

We are proud and honored to have INDUCING PANIC and TWO MUFFIN RABBIT opening the show for us on this night, both of whom are top notch talents and entertainers of the highest quality!!

Bring your pillow cases and pumpkin containers.....the candy is gonna be plentiful on this night!!!!

JUST ADDED!!! Voice of Addiction, Chicago punk rockers, have been added to this show! The candy just got sweetererer!!!