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  1. Right! Now!



We're erecting plastic buildings, that are built just to come down, manufacturing things to break, so we buy them all over again.<br />
Turned us into a debter nation, inflation must turn round, whole worlds based on a dollar, that they produce as they please<br />
<br />
*Right! Now!<br />
<br />
Get up, stand up, wake up and take a look around, They try to hide it but they just can't deny it, the money travels uphill.<br />
What will be the reaction, to an administration, obsessed with privitization,<br />
they try so hard to control, don't they realize, their biggest threat<br />
*Who cares what's right and wrong, its all about the money<br />
<br />
Under the guise of democracy, they pretend that we are free, do they really think I'll believe this, cuz its force-fed by the media.<br />
Forget the past forget the future, the presents here the presents now,<br />
know yourself know your surroundings, know your mind that can't be taken from you.