1. Shinigami
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Nobody thought I'd turn out like this
I've had a lifetime to learn my lesson, but I never quite got the message
So I drive all night it's alright if I just make it out of here alive
So when I fall down I pick myself up
I beat the dust off my shirt and I try not to trip myself up
Every time that I die on the stage trying to beak out my cage
Pretending that I am still half my age
Move slowly shinigami will I make it through another day
These stories of past glories is it ever gonna be okay
Dead feelings false reasons why'd you have to go away
Move slowly shinigami you'll follow me to the grave
When I happen to drown choke myself up
Pull the air from my lungs yet I'll never give it all up
Every day I am chased by the years trying to conquer my fears
But it all ends up with me spilling my beer