For those who want to know whats going on in the crazy world of VOICE OF ADDICTION founder Dave Buck put out his top ten albums of the year and Voice Of Addiction made the cut at number 5!


Hey everybody!! We have been busy over here with V.o.A. First off meet the new dudes!! Andy Ducey on Drums and Ricky Hendrix on Guitar

I am excited to announce the new full length is here!! buy your copy here and stream it at


Stay tuned for an upcoming music video for "Dead By Dawn" and the full-length feature documentary "PUNK BAND" starring Voice Of Addiction coming out summer 2018.


Cheers!!- Ian  JohnnyX    V.o.A.
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I did a LIVE On-Air interview with Artist First Radio. You can check it out here:



Getting some love from NOIZZ Webznie out of Spain



Featured on UP Close and On Fire with S and K Ep 38



"The newest release from Voice Of Addiction proves that the band still has plenty to say and the talent to continue making music that lets their voice be heard." The Rustbelt Chronicles 



Review Fix & Justin Lugo sit down with Ian Tomele, singer and bass player for Voice of Addiction, to talk about their latest album The Lost Art of Empathy, do-it-yourself punk ethics, and the Evil Dead 2.​



Thanx Anarcho Punk for including us in their top ten of 2017! "GAAAWD DAMN, I love some politically charged, anti-establishment punk and this Chicago based trio can hang with the best of them."



Got a #review in #china!! Thanx Toutiao



hour long non-stop #local #chicago year end round up from Chicago Music Guide


now in rotation in France on Netradio


woohoo!! We made Rock In Chicago's founder Erik Oldman's top ten releases of 2017


kick off 2018 on the W.O.A. Best Of’ #spotify playlist



"Harnessing the power of 1980s thrash punk mixed with 1990s underground power/aggression, the guys in this band sure know how to belt 'em out. " review in #babysue & #LMNOP




interview on Radio One Chicago WLUW 88.7 FM #chicago




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