"Every generation breeds courageous idealists who aren’t afraid to question the current status quo, and challenge the mounting social and political frustrations that many working-class citizens are experiencing in their lives. Such bold visionaries make up Voice of Addiction and inspire its latest record." - Shockya.com

"The album is half old-school Good Riddance (ACGTMR era) and half Fugazi, with not-quite-anthem-like melodies. You hear some sprinkles of Graffin-style vocal harmonies and melodies, and it really suits the music." - Bucketlist Music Reviews

"Fast, abrasive yet melodic Punk that is as punchy lyrically as it is through its composition. This is a very well written album, it’s also very bleak and quite sad at times but its determination, its rational belief and thought process are its main selling point so to speak, with its musical prowess a solid bonus." - Musically Fresh

"Their new album, The Lost Art of Empathy, points out a lot of issues in the country and the world with clever lyrics and killer music." - Skope Magazine

"Voice of Addiction sends meaningful messages through a professional, killer sound that is sure to leave you changed...and wanting more" - Indie Spoonful

"The band goes all in to create a cohesive sound, all while a more brooding and emotionally intense sound is enough to ensnare listeners for the long haul. we’ll be playing the crap out of this album through the end of the year." - Neufutur Magazine

"Chicago’s grainy, anthemic punk rock act VOICE OF ADDICTION releases an outstanding new record. Great, energizing listen." - idioteq.com

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SLC Punkcast #264 featuring tracks from Short Fuse, Booze & Glory, Voice of Addiction, Rise Against, Down Not Out, Ulteriors, Lürking Class, Death Angel, and Noise Therapy https://www.slcpunkcast.com/podcast/2022/5/18/slc-punkcast-episode-264 


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