From the recording The Lost Art of Empathy

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written about our 4 1/2 week west coast tour late 2016


It started in Chicago we took 90/94.
All the way to Minnesota where the rain soaked our bones
North Dakota was freezing but the protests kept us warm
Lost our minds in Montana didn't find them till the coast
Where we met Typhoon Songda and she stayed for 5 days
We drank with all the locals and no one behaved
We fought for power in Portland but the show must go on
Anarchists in Eugene and pints with the Goths
Punk rock Mondays in Boise & old friends in Reno
The storm finally lifted in California
Our first stop was Oakland and the kids sang along
So we partied round the bay for about 6 days
With murderers & derelicts someone even shit their pants
Took 101 down to L.A. where we stayed with Ironsides
We'd stay here forever if we'd make it out alive
Tried our luck out in Vegas & drank ass juice with the punks
Blackouts in Phoenix & Tucson got us fucked
Raged in Albuquerque and we never got enough
While on stage in Fort Collins Cubs won it all
Drank with Satan in Denver until the morning dawn
Found the beef out in Kansas that created all this smog
Had a shiddy reunion in Omaha
*These are our songs of defeat & revolution and the strength to carry on
Where we all belong no hate or false division we'll all die in this together
But what happens if we do somehow make it through, build us something new
Never really did this on our own, we set our sails and hope for the shore
But are we even human anymore?