From the recording The Lost Art of Empathy

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a song about going against the grain


I missed you late last night when I wasn't breathing
Got stuck in believing, in no reason. Right or wrong it makes no difference
Turn the radio on, I turn the radio off
Playing familiar songs, all with words, to which we used to sing along
Life without seasons, war without treason, we gave everything until we died.
We had no decision in being poor, we didn't vote for this war, don't have to settle no score
We're only looking for some traction, a reaction, to that blank expression on your face
And I fucking can't stand this place
We gave birth to a false messiah, created a corporate pariah
The Lost Art of Empathy, behind this global tragedy
Tell me what knowledge can be learned, when all our brain cells have been burned
Where we call home, just like in Rome
Won't die alone, reap what you sow It's all coming down tonight
We had no intention of being ignored, being passed out on the floor, it's all that we can afford
We'll never make it on your billboards, or in your magazines, cuz this just ain't our scene
But I fucking hate this routine