1. Petty Schemes

From the recording The Lost Art of Empathy

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about when Chris Christie closed all but one lane on the Washington bridge to Manhattan while pouting like a little kid and acting like a bully


I only wanted to leave, your politics and your Petty Schemes
I took I-80 west, but no ones getting out of here
Contracted the disease, you sweat with greed bullets in your sleep
You couldn't have enough, even with all your pockets full
Well I'm sick & tired of your bitching and complaining
You're like a spoiled little kid, who cares what you did
If you swallow the world, you'll have all the gold, can control the roads
Destroy our dreams, with your Petty Schemes, tear it at the seams
You flex your muscles at me, the money talks & the liquors sweet
I can smell it on your breath, the desperation the Petty Schemes
Allergic to the disease, the plots they twist G.O.P. Dreams
Call this democracy? I won't subscribe to the fallacy
We have no choice when we're run by the same money
We slave to the grave, for you just to spend
You won't tax the rich, leave us in a ditch, so fuck it I quit
until we are fading away