1. U're All Crazy

From the recording Reduce Reuse Resist

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I'm drunk again but it's too early for the sun The battle was won in the night.
I can't stand up without falling down again As history keeps repeating.
We're told it's the only solution pollution of the airwaves Keep on spewing propaganda machine.
I don't wanna listen but they'll tell me anyways How we should believe without evidence,
We should invade without a preci-dense Politicians shut up and fall in line.
Driving around in your fancy cars You're all crazy You wouldn't give it up, up for anything.
Sucking up the air till you've had enough you're all lazy.
Does our story end or does it just depend On a world to grow up and take responsibility.
Are we waiting for the sun to set forever Or are we praying for a higher place to go,
Are we drinking to a brave new tomorrow for our sons.
Just keep choking on these smokestacks praying that we'll get her back someday.