From the recording Reduce Reuse Resist

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It starts when you're very young Indoctrinate create the norm with, you!
Keep taking your pretty pills till what you own consumes you!
So you want to play it loud wanna stand out from the crowd.
Will you make it through the night Are you ready for the fight.
And then temptation comes your way Your morals your values seem to wash away.
Can't even walk down decision street Don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.
I don't want to give it up this soon Start me on the bottle can't be taken away!
Keep persisting keep resisting Don't let them take control of, you!
Can't we wait another second Just to hear the populations, choice!
Wanna jump up off the ground Wanna Stomp your feet make a sound.
We've Gotta close it out tonight Gotta start shit up show the people that were thinking.