1. Mother

From the recording Reduce Reuse Resist

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A broken shell with tectonic plates We've landed our mission to decide why nothings living.
Fossilized in carbon footprints Our analysis makes no difference nothing here could of ever been born.
No Lesson Has been learned cuz noone reacts until they can't return, Let the cities flood and the forests burn.
It's easy to see what was the matter a place thats plauged by natural disasters.
Race hell-bent on self destruction Pre-emptive symptoms of their annihilation.
Past the point to adapt or defend Put profits before people capital and dividends.
We should learn lessons from our past Bombed out and depleted we're left scavenging for feelings.
You pulled the last straw you start the last war, Mother earth has purged its disease.
From the waste and consumption to the lives we lead.