From the recording E.P. 2005

all songs written and performed by Ian Tomele & V.o.A. LLC


Through all these years we've been alienated
But they'll never tear us apart, we're all in this fight together
But I won't grease the wheel, won't keep on spinning in circles
Just to keep your pockets full, It ain't worth the sacrifice
You gotta get lost before you'll be found
Get off their map, end up in your own direction
But don't forget these bonds we create they run deeper than their laws
I don't wanna grease the wheel, don't wanna keep spinning in circles
Just to keep your pockets full, it ain't worth the sacrifice
What I really want to say is your materialistic dreams they mean nothing to me
Just feeds the machine
Why can't we interact with one another, without prejudice, precidents or regrets
It don't make sense
I don't wanna work myself to the bone
Just to keep you world spinning round
I've got my friends and family and we'll be just fine
No countries to be divided, we'll be just fine