From the recording Divided States

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Silence is violence is silence is this is not alright fight for what's right
This isn't what I signed up for, a war against the poor
Seems we've all been here before, this ain't worth the score
You tighten round our neck, think we ever could forget, this classist punishment
They're handing us the check, getting rich off our debt, capitalist government
It's all hands on deck, the masses are the threat, to your division complex
We're not going through life alone
You think we're just taking turns playing the fool, as your making up the rules
It's indoctrination apathetic nation
We're fed up and we're pissed, about the armies you enlist
If we come together equal to resist your division complex
Cut our safety nets, it's survival of the best, set the precedent
Unfrozen your assets, while we're pleading no contest, we know who benefits
No longer numb, we found meaning in this song, and it won't last long
We'll never make it on our own
We are 99.9 percent identical, but you're old and you're tired
You make my skin crawl, not gonna play you're division game
You cannot divide us only try and hide us
Treat us like scum claim to be righteous
Smite us your highness follow where we land
Unified incited I invite you to understand