Seems all of our lives we've been dying to forget, the broken bones and broken homes.<br />
Its survival of the fittest, gotta be in this to win it, at least thats what I'm told.<br />
Chances are scarce still they want us in the race, cuz nobody reaches the end.<br />
Shoot for the stars, success line your pockets, who cares who gets stepped on.<br />
<br />
*We're all in this fight together, if we're united, we can make this our own,<br />
we've gotta learn from our mistakes, grab the reins, finally have a place to call home.<br />
(we don't need anymore distractions, you got it. you got it. you got it. Face down!)<br />
<br />
*But still we rage on! With all these broken bones and broken homes.<br />
No longer suffer in silence, so out sons might have a brand new day.