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  1. Got Your Number



Come on out, come on over, come on I'm down for the cure.<br />
They lost your name, but got your number, your number stays in line or you'll get a reaction, and it won't take that long<br />
They keep your records, for future reference, they stack it all in a pile,<br />
Its all arranged, by your number, but if you want to be free...<br />
[you gotta break it and go, just take it and run]<br />
*I say hey, whats your name, I wanna see your face, tonight<br />
<br />
It circulates, to all the ad firms, they gotta know how to sell,<br />
Its all arranged by your number, a number they paid well for so they can make you want things, that you have no need for.<br />
Everywhere, we're surrounded, promote materialism<br />
They know just how, they've bought your number, but if you want to be free...