1. Bad Decisions

From the recording Divided States

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The taller we build them the harder they fall
If they keep us divided they'll conquer us all
First I was taught the golden rule, to shut up and stand in line back at school
Learning to be the systems tool
If you study hard you'll get a job, a wife 2 kids a house with a garage
Individual sabotage
The more that we feed them the fatter they are
The starved and the downtrodden sacrifice all
Go to college don't be a fool, a lifetime of debt to repeat their spew
Understand you'll always lose
Work 50 years at a job you hate, slave until your expiration date
We must destroy so we can create
Don't pray to a god about your bad decisions
Made it through life without learning a lesson
Keep you chasing that invisible vision
Empty worried about what you're missing
A tranquil life in a subdivision
Don't ever question what you're possessing
We all belong hold on to what you believe