1. Wrong Turn

From the recording Divided States

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I took the wrong turn straight out of chicago realized I'm heading straight to hell
We might not all have been born here but it's our home we'll fight till the end
I don't want to be a martyr jesus ain't no christ
We're just waiting on a revolution to define freedom again
So when you say to me this is not my family
We all want food and water and shelter and love it's all the same we just have to believe
I took a left when I should of gone right always did wrong when I should of done life
Regardless of what you think I don't wanna die
We're all in this fight together one love one life
They don't want your name cuz they got your number
We give them everything they need to make our bank accounts bleed
So when you feel you have no choice remember together we have a voice
Maybe the best thing that we'll ever have wasn't under a nations flag
I took the long way home for no reason I stuck it out through all the shitty seasons
All of this cuz I believe in something that makes us all the same
If we all join hands celebrating we will never be alone