1. Daley Struggle

From the recording Modern Day Meltdown

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-First thing I remember was in 1984
the T.V. Box was telling me who I should go vote for.
But I don't feel like sticking round here much anymore

*No, Don't Surrender, this Daley struggle!

-I know the reason, I know the cause
I realize, just what I've lost
Done this before, too many times I'm sure.
-Compromised, my moral pride
rationalized, for just one time
turned into a lifetime, of repeating
-I've closed my eyes, too many times
I've made my cash, now fuck the rest
I'm a corporate whore!

*No, Don't surrender, this Daley struggle!

-Before I knew the politics, to protest, to resist
the vice president / x-head / CIA would run
from now on growing up won't be any fun

-I gave up my life, I gave up all my years
sacrificed for the company
to be layed off, like thousands more.
-We just want to eat, we all need to breath
They, just, pretend
That we die, for our country
-I'm just like you, you're just like me
we're al sick of, pre-tend-ing
can't we be, can't We be free!

*No, don't surrender, this Daley struggle!